It’s been several months since my wife Lynne and I launched our new brand, NEBO Fine Art, and this blog post has been on my mind for quite a while.

For any of you out there who own their own business, you’ll know how scary it can be when you finally decide now is the time to launch.  Will people relate to us?  Will they want to buy our products?  Do we have what it takes?  Can we make our mark in a busy market?

These are all questions we faced, but what made it a little different for us, was that we weren’t just launching a new business, but we were doing a re-brand on an old one.  This made us add an extra question to the mix – will people accept the ‘change’?

For the past 11 or 12 years, I’ve been building a business and brand around my name, Steven Hanna. So what was really scary was now removing my name from the brand.

landscape photo of dunluce castle


Good question!

Although we only re-branded quite recently, this has been on the cards for several years.

Our faith is important to us and a few years back God gave me the word ‘NEBO’.  At the time, I wasn’t completely sure what it was for.  I put it on the back burner (as you do) and never really thought much more about it.  But last year, it came up again.

I’ve been asked by so many people what NEBO actually is.  Let us fill you in.

NEBO is the mountain where God took Moses to show him a view of the Promised Land.  You can read about it in Deuteronomy 34.

I love the vision behind this – and when you ‘visit’ Mount NEBO you have a view of a wide and amazing vista. 

We also decided to really change how we did things.  Gone are the days of prints which are ‘mass produced’ on inferior materials.  Sadly, with the explosion of social media, images very rarely get printed.  So, we decided to source only the finest materials to ensure our finished ‘product’ really stands out.  Fine art landscapes deserve fine art materials (have you seen our HD ChromaLuxe Aluminiums??).

As well as Open & Limited Editions, we also added a very special Collection which we called the Nebo Collection.  Images that are for sale within the Nebo Collection are so unique – there will only ever be one copy made of each.  We’re really excited about this and it means people can really invest in something that grows in value.

Northern Ireland landscape photography

So there you have it – a little info about our new brand and the story behind it.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us via e-mail.