At NEBO, we feel very passionately about landscape & abstract art. Not only does it bring us great joy in creating it, but we love it when people choose to hang one of our pieces in their homes or office.

But why buy art?

People buy art for various reasons. Some will see it as an investment for the future so they will invest in a Limited Edition piece. Others will see it purely as a way of ‘completing’ their new living room and will choose art based on colour or texture. And for some, they will find a piece that has a special connection for them – whether that is a favourite location or a happy childhood memory.

So why should you consider putting art up in your business or home office?

the importance of art in your business

We all know that a bare empty wall looks awful. Typically our homes are filled with photos, prints, canvases or some other type of wall art. So why would your business or office be any different?

According to results from a recent study, art in the workplace can help reduce stress and increase productivity.

The study which was commissioned by the Affordable Art Fair & YouGov, found that a third of those who took the study believed that art should be present in the workplace to help improve productivity. It also found that 27% of workers with art in their workplace felt happier, and 21% said it made them feel more peaceful.

Who doesn’t want to have happy and relaxed employees?!

fine art landscape photography Northern Ireland
fine art landscape photography of Northern Ireland

But here’s even better news – almost a fifth believed that hanging art in their offices helped stimulate creative discussion and that the most popular type of art for the workplace was landscape art.

So if you’re sitting in your office reading this, have a look around at your working environment.

Do you feel happy?

Do you feel inspired?

If not, we can help! We can help you source the right piece of art for your office that will help create a more inspiring and stress free environment.

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